Warp & Weave

Selecting Colors from an Image

Demo videos for desktop computers and an iPad can be found at the bottom of the lesson.

Another method of setting up the Color Palette is to use an image from your computer.  For example, you could take a photo of the stash yarns you plan to use. Or if you’re thinking of buying some yarns to supplement your stash, grab a screenshot of the vendor’s yarn palette, or download photos of the vendor’s yarns.  You could also select colors from any image you have saved on your computer – a photograph, for example.

Once you have selected an image , click on the Colors from Image button.

A selection window will appear that will allow you to navigate to the folder that contains your image.

Once selected, the image will appear on the web page.  (Note: the image is not actually uploaded to a server or web page. Once you refresh or leave the page, the image will no longer be available and you’ll have to upload it again.)

Click on a rectangle color box to select a color palette option.  Then click anywhere in the uploaded image to select a color.  Each time you click in the image, it will replace the currently selected color with the one from the image.

Note: If you are having trouble selecting the exact color to match your yarns, you can use the image selector to grab a color, and then click the color box’s pencil to bring up the Color Picker in order to fine-tune the color.

Once you have selected your colors, you can use the Hide Image button to close out the uploaded image. This is helpful if your image is large or if you no longer need it.  Once closed, there will be a “Show Image” button that appears so you won’t need to re-upload the same image again.

Desktop demo video


iPad demo video