Warp & Weave

Changing a Single Thread Color

Demo videos for desktop computers and an iPad can be found at the bottom of the lesson.

To change the color of a single thread, select a color by clicking on the colored rectangle. The size of the box will increase, indicating that is the selected color. Then click on a single box above the threading or to the right of the treadling.  This will immediately change a single thread of warp or weft in the draft.

In this example, three of the threads were changed individually by clicking on the color in the threading box.  It doesn’t matter in which order you replace the colors, and you can always replace each with a new color.  If you click in the wrong box, click the Undo button or type “z” or “ctrl z” to start over.  Refresh your page to start COMPLETELY over.

When changing colors in the draft, if you find it difficult to click on the small boxes (see red arrows), use the Size slider bar to adjust the size of the draft image on the screen.

Demo Video – Desktop


Demo Video – iPad