Here’s a showcase of my students’ AMAZING work in my 2021 class Make Your Colors Sing! You won’t want to miss this feast for the eyes!


Many weavers fear color because experimenting on the loom or in weaving software is expensive and time-consuming. That’s why I developed my Color Picker Tool for my classes – so my students could have fun playing with color!

Come play with color!


Janet and I are preparing the Stash-Busting Scarf Weave-Along! It starts May 23, 2020. Join us – it’ll be fun, and you’ll learn a lot!


Come behind the scenes and meet my loom, Maryam! Plus, the tale of a four-hour weaving binge and its very lovely outcome.


I’ve created my first artwork in nearly four years! This post takes you behind the scenes of “Seasons of Creativity,” and also talks about how to guide the eye through a piece using color.