Have you ever struggled to create handwoven fabric with the look and feel you wanted? No more.

The ambiance of a fabric – the emotions evoked by its dominant colors – is created by its color palette. The darkness of a color plays the strongest part, because it sets your sense of the surrounding lighting, but hue and saturation matter, too. Follow the link to find out more!


One of the biggest challenges for weavers who want to design with color is fear of making mistakes. Errors waste time and materials, and making a mistake – especially if it ruins a project! – feels shameful to many people.

Here’s how to overcome the fear of making mistakes.


One way to make your handwoven cloth more intriguing is by using color to give it depth, making it look more three-dimensional. You can do this through your choice of yarn colors, weave structure, or other methods. Learn more in this article!


How do you weave projects that really stand out, that draw attention to themselves? Or, conversely, how do you weave elegant, understated pieces?

The secret to creating eye-catching handwoven cloth – and to drawing the eye to specific parts of your woven project – is careful use of saturated color.


Have you ever had a piece turn out feeling blah and boring – but you didn’t know how to fix it?

This article explains how to use color contrast to spice up your handwoven cloth.