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Have your beautiful colors woven into a muddy, indistinct pattern?
Then you’ll want to lean in for this…

In spite of your previous failed results...
...You inhaled, crossed your fingers, and gave it another go on the loom.

You tried picking contrasting colors.
Changing the draft.
Or maybe even using stripes.

Alas - nothing worked. Your projects still came out flat and boring, or dull and gray.

Here's the answer that will take your patterns from lost to luscious

Bold & Subtle Patterns

The 03-part mini-course designed to help you create clear motifs AND subtle, understated patterns...

You’ll finally be in control of whichever you choose.


Mind-blowingly useful and practical! I am a beginning weaver, and this course was very well designed. Anyone can understand the principles you outline thanks to the way that you break it down and give examples. I LOVE that tool you made where you pick two colors, and it shows you a draft... It's genius!! I had no idea about color value before, and it makes so much sense! I feel like my mind is blown, for the better, and I'm excited to take my weavings to the next level. Thank you, Tien, for sharing your knowledge! This is so valuable!

Megan Gilfert


By the end of this mini-course,

You will be able to:

Confidently pick colors to create a bold or subtle pattern

Test yarns to know whether you have the right color tocreate your desired pattern

Create gorgeous handwoven projectsdesigned just as you like.

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Inside Bold & Subtle Patterns

You'll discover:

The one property of color that makes a pattern bold or subtle

An easy trick to evaluate yarn colors to see if they’ll make your pattern show

How to know if your draft makes beautiful designs (or mud!) before you begin

Here’s how it’s all neatly organized...

Text and video lessons, with lots of handwoven samples

Fun online exercises to practice your design skills

An inspirational gallery of other designers' work, so you can see how others have applied the principles in actual woven projects

Step-by-step lessons from color and design guru and expert weaver, Tien Chiu


This course perfectly unfolds the basic concepts - the focus is always on applying those concepts to woven cloth, and the course introduces the essential techniques to consider, and pitfalls to avoid. The format includes video, text, woven examples, and a downloadable PDF. Highly recommended for all weavers.

Marsha Cleaveland


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