The Warp & Weave weaving color mixing tool allows you to simulate the cloth that results from mixing two colors in warp and weft. You can pick colors manually or from an uploaded image – or simply snap a photo with your smartphone or tablet! – and instantly see how the colors will weave up in four common weave structures (plain weave, 1/3, 2/2, and 3/1 twill). You can see the results in fine, medium, or thick threads.

Color Mixer Overview

Here’s a screenshot of the Warp & Weave weaving color mixing tool in action. Here I’m using it to check the compatibility of a blue yarn from my stash with a green Lunatic Fringe yarn before buying the yarn.

Changing the simulation scale

In addition to seeing the weave structure simulations, you can also change the scale of the simulation to see how the cloth will look in fine or thick threads, or at a closer or further viewing distance:

Help while shopping!

If you’re viewing the Warp & Weave weaving color mixing tool on a smartphone or tablet, in addition to loading a photo from your camera roll, you can also take a photo to load immediately into the color mixing tool. So you can check how two yarns will weave up together while you’re still in the yarn shop!

More complex drafts

If you have weaving software and want to see how yarn colors look in a more complex draft, the Warp & Weave color mixing tool can help with that, too! Just upload a photo of your yarns into the color mixer, click on the photo until you get a color that’s close to each yarn color, and the color mixer will give you the hex code, RGB, and HSV values for each yarn color:

You can then enter those values into your weaving software to give a custom palette, allowing you to simulate the colors precisely in your draft.

But that’s not all!

You don’t have to limit yourself to using the Warp & Weave weaving color mixing tool to check compatibility of yarns. Warp & Weave students have used the color mixing tol to study color mixing, to play with color combinations from inspirational photos, to experiment with different colorways – the sky’s the limit.

That’s it! I hope you find the new Warp & Weave weaving color mixing tool useful. It’s free to use, so please spread the word!

Happy weaving!

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  1. I love this tool! Maybe it will help me begin to choose colors that are not in my comfort zone. I have no imagination in combining colors. Thank you!?

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