I was interviewed recently by Felicia Lo, the very talented founder/owner of SweetGeorgia Yarns, for her podcast The SweetGeorgia Show. I’m pleased to say that the podcast went live yesterday! You can listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, or on the SweetGeorgia website.

Felicia and I had a wide-ranging conversation. The parts I found most interesting were about passion: The passion I have for weaving, for “art science” (experimenting with, analyzing, and teaching the logical underpinnings of color and design in weaving), and for demystifying art and the creative process. Tearing down the myth that art is for the specially gifted, and instead making creative work accessible and friendly to everyone.

Go check out the podcast, and the many other interesting interviews on Felicia’s Sweet Georgia Show. You’ll be glad you did.

Podcast art and link for The SweetGeorgia Show podcast episode 81, an interview with Tien Chiu

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