Janet Dawson and I are hard at work designing the Stash-Busting Scarf Weave-Along! We’re planning to start it May 23, and we hope you’ll join us. It promises to be great fun, and you’ll learn a lot about solving the issues that keep you from using up stash yarns. Best of all, we’re not charging for it at all – it’s our gift to you and the weaving community as we all get through this coronavirus crisis together.

Janet and I have been having a GREAT time developing the Stash Weave-Along for you. We’ve been chatting back and forth constantly via email, Facebook Messenger, and video calls. She lives in Nova Scotia and I live in California, but you’d never know it from how often we see each other. We LOVE working together – it’s like having a twin! The only difference is that she is buried in snow and I’m enjoying late spring in Northern California – my lemon tree is in full blossom, scenting the air and attracting hummingbirds that dive-bomb me whenever I walk by. (I know, I know, my life is tough.)

So far we’ve picked out a draft, decided on some yarn guidelines, and decided what we want to teach with the project, which is a LOT. Janet will be covering how to identify fiber content and yardage (ypp and m/kg) in mystery yarns, combining different fibers in the scarf, mixing yarn sizes, putting mixed warps on the loom, and weaving with mixed warps and wefts.

I’ll be talking color, of course: picking colors that won’t mix into mud, making your pattern show, and choosing colors that please your eye.

To help us develop the weave-along, we’ve started work on our first demo project. (We’ll likely do more than one, to show what works and what doesn’t.) This is fun! Janet took me (well, virtually, on her iPad) into her studio, and helped me shop her stash for some yarns.

We picked a variety of colors for warp and weft – including some challenging ones, because I wanted to show how to handle misbehaving colors. We also picked a variety of different yarn types, because Janet wanted to show how to handle mixed fibers, sizes, etc. in warp and weft. So here are the yarns we picked and the warp Janet wound:

yarns for weave-along

If you’d like to be notified when the weave-along starts in mid-May, you can sign up here. Let your friends know, too!

Happy weaving,

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    1. Absolutely! The Weave-Along is hosted on my course platform, which is entirely off Facebook. You only need to join Facebook if you want to participate in the discussion groups.

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