Warp & Weave

Try It: Fibonacci 1 Gradient

Demo videos for desktop computers and an iPad can be found at the bottom of the lesson.

Click here to download a printable PDF of this lesson: Try It: Fibonacci 1 Gradients

Part One. Set up the Gradients Editor.

  1. Click the “Gradients” button to activate the Gradients Editor.
  2. Click “Select All Warp”. In this exercise, you’ll be placing the Fibonacci 1 gradient across the entire warp.
  3. The Gradients popup will now appear.

Part Two. Create your basic gradient.

  1. Select your first gradient color by clicking in one of the colored boxes at the top of the Gradient Editor.
  2. Select your second gradient color by clicking in a different colored box.
  3. Select the gradient type “Fibonacci 1”.
  4. A Fibonacci 1 gradient will now appear in the preview box.

Part Three. Play with your gradient.

  1. Slide the Scale slider back and forth to see how it changes the size of the stripes.
  2. Click “Reversed” to see how it inverts the gradient. (Make friends with this checkbox – it will be handy when creating multicolor gradients later!)
  3. Click “Show Opposite Side” to check out the back side of the gradient.
  4. Change the colors around by clicking the color selector boxes at the top of the screen to put new colors into your gradient.
  5. Finally, click “Save Colors” to save the colors and transfer the gradient to the main Color Editor, where you can edit it however you like.

Part Four: Continue Playing!

  1. Now you’re familiar with the very basic functionality of the Fibonacci 1 gradient. Play around with creating different types of Fibonacci 1 gradients: select just a range of threads rather than the entire warp, put them in the weft, put them in the warp as well as the weft, and see what happens!

Note that the Color Editor is browser-based software: It works in your browser. There is nothing to download. It’s right below this sentence, in the box below the three red arrows – just start clicking. (That’s a live program, not a screenshot.)

Demo video – Desktop

Demo video – iPad