Warp & Weave

Replacing All Threads of the Same Color

Demo videos for desktop computers and an iPad can be found at the bottom of the lesson.

In some instances, you may want to replace all of one color with another color so you get a better visualization of what your finished project will look like.  This is simple to do by using the Replace Colors button.  (Notice how the instructions above the drawdown say “Click or drag across thread colors to change to the selected color.”)

If you click on the button, it changes to say “Done Replacing Colors” and the instructions above the drawdown change to “Click on a warp or weft thread color to change all threads of that color to the selected color.


For this example, the blue warp color will be changed to yellow.  By selecting the color in the Color Palette and clicking on any one of the blue boxes in the warp, all the blue threads will change to the new color.  This works for changing weft colors as well, as seen in the example below.


The Replace Colors / Done Replacing Colors button is a toggle switch so you are able to quickly alternate between the two modes – replacing a single color (including dragging to select a range of colors) and replacing all of one color.

Demo Video – Desktop

Demo Video – iPad