Warp & Weave

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need weaving software to use Color Editor or take this class?

No!  It’s all in the lessons – everything you need.

Do I need a subscription to handweaving.net to use the Color Editor?

Not for this class – handweaving.net has allowed us to put Color Editor right into our lessons.

Can I save my work in Color Editor?

Yes – you can save your palette and any work you’ve done if you download the file as a WIF.  When you’re ready to work on it again, from Color Editor, use the Upload WIF button to bring that specific file up and pick up where you left off. 

You can’t save your work to handweaving.net 

Note: you can’t open a WIF file anywhere except in Color Editor unless you have weaving software – you’ll see a bunch of code if you try to open a WIF file without weaving software, which you DON’T NEED FOR THIS CLASS.

Why can’t I create single stripes in my warp and weft?

Make sure you check all of the buttons in Color Editor to make sure it’s in the mode you desire:

Replace Colors: In this mode, you’ll use Click or Click and Drag to place colors in the draft.

Done Replacing Colors: In this mode, you click on a single thread in warp or weft to change ALL instances of that color to the new one.

I can’t download WIF files all of a sudden:

Refresh your browser page!

Can I use Fiberworks to play with the drafts?

It’s not necessary for Tien’s classes, but yes you can.  Fellow student Bobbi Hayward has created a Facebook study group for Fiberworks users that may be helpful.

In the color editor, when I make the design large so you can clearly see each thread, then download .png file, it doesn’t save it large like that.

It should be downloading it as a large file but it may not be displaying on your screen as a large file because most photo displays automatically resize to fit the screen. Try enlarging the display size and see if it gets blurry – if it doesn’t, it downloaded fine.

Where do my downloaded WIF and PNG images go?

On most computers and browsers, downloaded files are saved to the Downloads folder.

When I try to upload as a WIF, my computer says I don’t have an application that supports it.

You can only upload the WIF from inside the Color Editor in the lessons, or on handweaving.net.  It sounds like perhaps you tried to open the WIF file, which can only be done with weaving software. 

Note:  If you rename your files, make sure to save the .wif at the end.  They won’t work otherwise!

WIF file says I need weaving software to open it:

Check your browser settings for how it handles downloads – some are set to auto open a download. Go to browser Preferences or Settings, find downloads. Make sure it is set to download to a folder of your choice, and that it is not set to open files upon download (as it may do with pdfs, for example). If it is set to open them, it will not be able to unless you have weaving software installed. But, you can save it to a folder, and upload into color editor when you need.  You may have to google a bit to find for your browser and iOS how to change this setting.

When I move the cursor over a picture of threads I have copied into the Color Editor how do I know I am getting the true color – I see many values – light and dark – which one will get me the color of the actual thread. Do I aim for the middle value?

You see lots of variation because the light plays off different areas of a cone, hank, or skein of yarn in a photograph.  Pick the color that looks closest to what you have – you can fine tune it using the Color Picker tool by clicking the pencil above each color box in your palette.

How do you save the colors you plugged into Color Editor so you can paste them into another draft?

Use Download Colors Image to save your palette to replicate it again later.

How do I use a HEX # in the color editor?

Click on the Pencil above any color box to bring up the Color Picker. 

Type the HEX number in the box indicated with the arrow above – it is the # box.  Click OK, and your color will be loaded in the color box.

I’m still having trouble finding the actual color editor.

Color Editor is embedded inside every lesson you’ll need it for in the classes on warpandweave.com.  It is right below the three red arrows in this image:

Can Color Editor show gradient warps or wefts?


I can’t get the weft threads to show on the Color Editor.

You probably have the draft sized up so high that the weft column is dropping off the right side of the screen.  Use the Size slider to reduce it until you can see the weft.

The New and Improved Color Editor’s Color Menu now stays pinned to the top of the page, so it’s always available no matter which way you scroll.