Warp & Weave

Download the Draft WIF file or Drawdown Image file

Demo videos for desktop computers and an iPad can be found at the bottom of the lesson.

Once you have updated your draft to the colors you selected, use the Download button at the top of the screen to save your changes in a WIF file that you can work on later or as a PNG (photo) file.

Note: the draft you changed is not stored on a server or website. Once you refresh or leave the page, the image will no longer be on the screen, so you must manually save your draft changes before you refresh or leave the page if you want to keep them.

A prompt will appear asking if you want to save the Draft WIF or the Drawdown Image (as a PNG photo):

WIF is a file format specifically for computer or device applications that edit weaving drafts. WIF files cannot be read by regular software such as browsers, PDF readers, etc.  If you don’t have weaving software, you can only open this file from inside Color Editor.  If you save your color changes as a WIF file, you can upload it back into Color Editor to continue working on it.  If you change the threading or treadling in your own weaving software, you cannot upload that changed draft back into the class.

The saved Drawdown Image will be the same scale as is currently shown on your screen, so you may want to use the Size slider to zoom in or out before downloading.

Demo Video – Desktop

Demo Video – iPad