Warp & Weave

Copy/Paste Colors

Demo videos for desktop computers and an iPad can be found at the bottom of the lesson.

For more complex color updates where there is a repeating pattern, the Copy/Paste Colors option is helpful. To use this, create your first color pattern by using the palette colors.  Click the Copy/Paste Colors button and select a range of drawdown tiles.  In the example below, the section containing the yellow, red, and blue colors was selected – there’s a black border around them that you’ll be able to see better on your computer.

The button will change to “Done Copying and Pasting” and a message appears to “Click on a thread color to paste copied colors.

As you hover over the drawdown boxes, the pattern will show as a repeat inside the box to help you decide where to place it.  Click to update the thread colors with the repeat.

As you can see, some black warp threads were replaced with yellow and so on, and that first sequence was copied to the other end of the draft.  You can even “turn the corner” to the weft and place the same sequence along the vertical line of weft threads.  Continue to place the same color block in other areas of the draft by sliding that selection along the warp or weft to place it, and then click it into place until you click the “Done Copying and Pasting” button to turn off the feature and return to the standard color selection.

Demo Video – Desktop

Demo Video – iPad