Warp & Weave

Alternating Stripes “Gradients”


The Alternating Stripes gradient generator is used to create striped gradients and other striped patterns where you manually set the color for each stripe. It creates the basic pattern for each stripe, but you need to change the colors for the stripes yourself.

When you select the Alternating Stripes gradient radio button, these options become available:

Alternating Stripes

Changing the Threading Unit

This gradient’s default is one thread of Color 1 followed by one thread of Color 2.  Use the up/down arrows in the Thread boxes to change that ratio.  In the example below, Color 1 is now three threads alternating with five threads of Color 2:

threading unit


“Reversed” Check Box

Reversed changes the order in which Color 1 and Color 2 appear from start to finish..  Notice now that the warp begins with the white:

Alternating Stripes reversed

Show Opposite Side

Show Opposite Side does just that. In twills or complex drafts, it’s always a good idea to look at the other side of the fabric.

When you’re happy with your Gradient, click the Save Colors button to return to the regular Color Editor window, where your gradient is now loaded and ready for you to save or change as you like.

show opposite side