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A California weaver, educator, color expert, blogger, and chocolatier - my happiest days are spent alongside my loom sharing my secrets with the world (eating my homemade chocolate is a close second).

I’m passionate about serving other weavers and teaching them how to become color experts. I believe in teaching not just facts and principles, but processes and real-life applications to put your learning into practice. Hang around here a little longer, and you’ll confidently be creating colorful, charming designs, time and time again.

I’m Passionate About Serving Other Fiber Artists In Their Rise To Become Color-Confident Weavers.

I believe the greatest service one can give is to expand the store of human knowledge, and teach what you know.

I know my calling is to help you express the look and feel you want to achieve by teaching you the essence of color. …

Which begs the question... are you ready to learn it?

Here’s How I Can Help
You Master Color:

Fundamentals of Color


Once you understand the way color thinks, you’ll never allow it to have a mind of its own again. Uncover the ruleset of color with a complete, step-by-step blueprint that will expertly guide you to Color Confident status. Are you ready to demystify color?

Bold & Subtle Patterns


Ready to understand whether you have the right colors to create your desired pattern on a given draft? This mini-course will teach you how to confidently pick colors to create a bold or subtle pattern for your next handwoven project.


Tien Chu is an amazing color guru and has changed the way I see color...

Debbie Fister​​​​



The Exact Mentor You Need for Color and Design

Finding Tien is exactly what I needed after creating several expensive items on my loom with beautiful yarn that turned to mud. Her courses come with clear explanations - she provides many examples of the concepts she is teaching in each lesson followed by well-constructed exercises that, if you take the time to complete, you will increase your understanding of how color and design will impact a project. I highly recommend Tien’s courses for weavers who want to gain a deeper understanding of color and design.

Carla Randall