Fall Back In Love...
With Your Stash

Even if you don’t know how to use it, don’t know what it fully contains, tried before and ended up with a mess, or aren't sure if what you have is even worth saving!

Stash Weaving Success will be back in 2022!

As a weaver, you know just how easy it is to accumulate yarn...

Let me know if this sounds familiar

You find a sale at yarn.com….

the result: more yarn

You inherit a fellow weaver’s stash…

the result: more yarn

You run across an estate sale…

the result: more yarn

You attend a workshop or festival....

the result: more yarn

Your grandchildren send you a thoughtful b-day gift…

the result: more yarn

You have a project in mind…

the result: more yarn

You don’t have a project in mind, but a stunning color caught your eye…

the result: more yarn

And then there’s the “I’m not inspired by this” day, or “these colors just don’t work together” hunch, or “I might not have enough material to make this work” moment...

…which all lead to one undeniable fact

...adding MORE to your stash.

And over the years, through many different channels
You’ve accumulated an excessive amount of yarn.

From the outside looking in, it may seem like an amazing form of abundance.
So much opportunity! Supply overload! Possibilities to try something new!
And a lot of the time, it is. 


But you and I both know all too well what can sometimes come of those overflowing bins in your closet...

Picture it:

You’re face-to-face with your stash closet. (You know what I mean - it’s in the corner of your backroom and consists of nine to eleven million bins. All stacked on top of each other like some weird version of yarn Tetris.)

You stand there, gazing at all those bins, and emotions take over the logical part of your brain. Because you have NO idea what’s in all those bins. 

Your mind races, flooding your creative brain with tough questions like:

    What am I going to make? 

    Where do I start with all the extra bits and bobs?

    Can I even use up this hodgepodge of stuff?

    What colors do I need that will mix well together?

    How do I even work with all the mystery yarn?

    What if I waste all that beautiful yarn I’ve been saving?

But you’re a weaver - strong and determined. You find a few colors you *think* will work well together, and leap fingers first into that new project.

That’s when you’re confronted with more stash struggles.

You try to dress the loom with a mixed warp and get frustrated with tangles, tension problems, and broken-off yarn. 

After a couple hours of yarn-wrestling, the next wave of struggles hit..…

Yarn that’s too lumpy. Too thick. Too thin. Yarn that won’t behave like you thought it was going to. And those dull colors... how are you supposed to brighten them up?

The effort’s there, but everything comes out...a little underwhelming.

Stash Struggles.

Cue The Stash Struggles.

But Wait -
It Gets Worse...

The more problems that arise, the more you’re compelled to just throw in the towel and start fresh with...

More. New. Yarn.
One step forward and two steps back.

We get it.
Weaving something beautiful from your stash is both an art and a science.

The good news is… alleviating stash struggles can be learned.

And creating projects from your stash yarn that you’re proud of has never been easier.

If you’re here with us now, then you KNOW how unsettling it is when you’re held back from using the yarn you have on hand…

...Due to a lack of interest + a lack of confidence.

No need to remind you of that 🙂

But maybe you didn’t know that by designing with your stash using the stash method that we’re about to share with you, you’ll also be feeling...

  • AT PEACE because you’re not spending more money on material, and you’re working with what you’ve got!
  • ACCOMPLISHED because you can create new things from stale materials.
  • CREATIVELY INCLINED because when you look into your stash, you are smitten with possibilities.
  • RELIEVED because you aren’t overwhelmed with  guilt from  buying more yarn.
  • TRIUMPHANT because you can do anything with your existing stash.
  • EMPOWERED because you know that you have the tools to make “a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” - you can use up that ‘blah’ yarn and make something more appealing than dishrags.

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you. 

… But they DO depend on you taking a straight-line, step-by-step approach.

One that leverages the most proven ‘weaving from your stash’ system while dodging all those momentum killers like not knowing how the yarn will behave or jive together.

One that’s been our secret weapon to eagerly clear through a wealth of yarn, without any second-guessing or stash setbacks.

And… one that you’ll excitedly look back on a few weeks from now when you're curled up on your couch, wrapped up in your new scarf feeling so proud of what you just tackled.

And the way our current world is turning
there’s been no better time to stay home
and work on the hobby you love...

...Using up what you’ve got.
Saving money.
Negating buyer’s remorse.

And working through your stash. 

And if you’re still with us, then we couldn’t be more excited for you

To ditch the stash struggles and weave beautiful designs with what you’ve got

You may know us from…


Stash Weaving Success

Stash Weaving Success helps you confidently create new designs that you’re unmistakably proud of… all from your old, leftover stash.

Perfect for weavers whose bins of excess yarn have left them bored, uninspired, and directionless. 

It’s time to fall back in love with your stash.

With Stash Weaving Success, you’ll learn how to…

Identify mystery yarns and predict how they’ll behave
{so you can confidently deal with execution issues as they arise}

Banish stash paralysis by using up material that you already have in your house
{so you can stop feeling guilty for purchasing more yarn}

Avoid typical pitfalls when working with bits and bobs

{so you don’t struggle with yarn tangling, tension issues, or breaking threads}

Save money and time because you don’t need to purchase any more material

{so you can reduce anxiety and enjoy yourself while staying indoors}

Create beauty from forgotten old material that lost its oomph
{so you finally use that yarn you bought for one purpose but never got around to}

Go ahead.

Pull that overflowing stash out of your closet. 

Let us show you how this all breaks down.

Chapter 1

Plan for Success!

Discover the secrets of successful stash projects: how to choose projects and drafts that work well with a mishmash of different yarns. You'll have beautiful stash projects galore!

Learn how to choose colors that go well together in stash projects, and how to identify and fix potential color problems - before they happen!

Chapter 2

Let's Talk Yarn!

Walk away with the know-how to identify mystery yarns as well as the confidence to evaluate characteristics that affect whether yarns can be combined.

Learn how far you can make limited material go, and gleefully declutter your stash by using up the small bits that you didn't think had a spot in your project.

You’ll experience some major satisfaction in using up every last scrap...while giving yourself the freedom and entitlement to buy more yarn!

Chapter 3

Let's Talk Color!

Walk away knowing how to solve the three biggest bugaboos of color in weaving:

Colors that weave into mud, patterns that disappear, and cloth that feels blah.

Plus, you’ll excel in the fundamentals of weaving with color: how the draft affects color mixing, picking colors that WIN, choosing colors to make your pattern sing, and how to give your cloth pizzazz.

Chapter 4

Seductive Stripes, Part I:
Warp Stripes

Amp up your toolbox by learning how to design with stripes! 

Discover how to use concepts like balance, rhythm, and color intensity to design beautiful stripe combinations - methods you can take into non-stash projects as well!

No more issues (like ripples) when weaving stripes with different yarns - because you'll understand the behaviors of the yarns and nurture their needs accordingly.

Chapter 5

Seductive Stripes, Part II:
Weft Stripes

Walk away knowing how to design with weft stripes, and when to use warp stripes, weft stripes - or both!

Learn to coordinate warp stripes, weft stripes, and the draft pattern for beautifully complex designs.

Discover how to improvise with weft stripes and treadling variations at the loom for even more options in design!

Chapter 6

To the Loom: Dress for Success

Walk away knowing two different methods for preparing your warp, and how to decide which one best suits your needs.

Learn how to wind your yarns separately and get them on the loom with ease, and  also find out how to wind several yarns together at once to exponentially save time, eliminate frustration, and make limited resources go further.

This hack will give you more flexibility when you get on the loom (because we both know that frequent color changes are incredibly tedious and time-consuming).

Chapter 7

The Beater Hits the Fell: Sampling and Weaving

Open your eyes to the magic of sampling to save time and materials,  and learn techniques for sampling with just tiny amounts of that precious yarn.

Walk away with an army of ways to course correct when a project isn’t cooperating - for example, how to modify your loom to manage parts of your warp that stretch differently than others, or how to correct for an imperfect sett without resleying.

You'll save yourself endless frustration for every future project!

Chapter 8

Designing Warps: Mix it Up

Walk away knowing how to design a project where different yarns are evenly mixed over the entire warp.

You’ll learn how to balance your material without getting chaos or confusion, and you’ll know exactly how to sidestep the nightmares of stretchy threads getting looser and non-stretchy threads getting tighter.

Plus, learn how to make sure your colors STAY beautiful, and keep your patterns visible - even with lots of colors scattered at random.


As valuable as the Weave-Along was... Stash Weaving Success offers SO much more than the Weave-Along did! In the Weave-Along, we gave you a limited range of yarn size, fiber combinations, and narrow guidelines for color combinations. More importantly, we limited the projects to an evenly-mixed warp - NO stripes! - since stripes are potential landmines in a mixed warp project.

In Stash Weaving Success, THESE LIMITS ARE GONE. Equipped with the knowledge we’ll be providing, you’ll be on your way to designing and weaving successful projects using up ANYTHING in your stash.

Want more details? 

Class Tour/Syllabus here:

Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses

Eight LIVE lectures where we cover each week's material and demo the exercises, then answer your questions! (Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live sessions.)

Eight LIVE Weekly Q&A sessions so you can get your questions answered in real-time. These sessions provide you with detailed answers to support you as you progress through ‘Stash Weaving Success.’ We don’t offer any 1:1 training outside our courses, so this perk is a huge access point to getting our brain on your projects. (Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live, and you can email questions in advance.)

Private Facebook community (exclusively for students who have taken our live classes) where you can post questions and share inspiration. We are also offering an in-class community for those who don't use Facebook.

NEW! Embedded in-class community and discussion board. Post your question and share your work right into the online classroom for additional support and community fun as you make your way through the course chapters.

Hands-on Color Editor Tool to explore different design possibilities. This is a FUN, interactive, and highly effective tool for designing colors. Students have described it as "addictive"!

Permanent access to all Stash Weaving Success lessons and videos for you to pause, re-listen, and continue to return to months down the road.

What students are saying...

As a retired art teacher, I have been weaving for 30 years--and I cannot say enough about the clarity in these instructors' explanations, the sheer volume of information offered, the opportunity to practice color choices using yarn colors from your OWN stash, and the jaw-dropping simple solutions to many tricky or annoying problems during warping, beaming, weaving and finishing a woven piece. 

WOW. I'm so happy I took this class!  Thank you, Tien and Janet.” 

- Donna Mellander

“I loved this course! I've done a lot of ‘in-person’ weaving workshops, and was surprised to find that not only did I enjoy this more, I also learned more from this online course!

Tien and Janet are wonderful, warm, funny and incredibly knowledgeable, and generous teachers with a wide and deep set of experience between them. The course format worked amazingly well -- plenty of support, enough structure to follow, yet I could proceed at my own pace to work through the material on my own equipment. Taking this class has definitely made me a more capable weaver.” 

- Carol Hacherl

Once you’ve worked through
Stash Weaving Success, you’ll have every tool you need to confidently work with your material on hand, and weave projects that spark joy, save money, and eliminate all stash setbacks.

Because when you have a structured and scientific ruleset in your back pocket, you can work with any size, type, or color - even those mystery fibers - to understand and predict exactly how your project will come together.

You’ll be in good hands…

By joining Stash Weaving Success, you’ll benefit from the expertise of two weaving masterminds who are committed to helping you get re-inspired by your old yarn. 

Meet Tien

Tien Chiu is an award-winning and nationally-recognized weaver. Trained as a mathematician, she brings scientific analysis into her weaving approach - helping weavers understand the underlying rules of colors, rather than depending on unreliable intuition.

Tien is obsessed with color, and has woven hundreds of handwoven swatches and dyed over 2,500 samples studying color in weaving. Her work has been featured on the cover of Handwoven and collected by museums. She has taught over 15,000 students in her online classes about color in weaving.

“Since learning from Tien, I can now search through my stash of colors, understand which ones work well together, and create designs I previously struggled to capture. She is a gifted and personable teacher - her classes have helped me design and create projects that I have never been more excited about and look forward to continuing the discovery.”

Robin L

Meet Janet

Janet Dawson is a high-level artist + weaving teacher, and the owner of the award-winning yarn studio, The Bobbin Tree. After enrolling over 8,000 students in her original floor loom course, her students unanimously rave at her knack for breaking down and teaching complex ideas in a way that’s easy to understand. As a teacher for many conferences, guilds, and schools across the US and Canada - one of her favorite transformations is witnessing that moment for her students when everything begins to "click" for the first time.

“I can honestly say that Janet Dawson is a breath of fresh air. Janet's teaching method left me feeling encouraged, and confident in my own abilities. I have learned more from Janet than I did from any class, or book anywhere else.”



You’ll have a surefire method to rely on each and every time you go to mix yarns and fibers. You’ll walk away with hands-on and useful tricks for working with your stash in ways you might never have considered before. Ultimately, you’ll get the freedom to acquire more stash without worrying about never actually using it.

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Chapter 5: Seductive Stripes, Part 2: Weft Stripes

Chapter 6: To the Loom: Dress for Success

Chapter 7: The Beater Hits the Fell: Sampling and Weaving

Chapter 8: Designing Warps: Mix It Up

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Here’s the truth: we’re tired of all the expensive, once full-of-possibility yarn becoming has-beens on weavers' shelves. We want to give them another chance… but we can’t do it alone.

Let us help you see that YOU are capable of beautiful designs. You will develop the talent and knowledge to shake up your stash and find the creative joy it once sparked for you. We’ve broken it down and are giving away all our functional and design secrets so you, too, can become part of the Stash Weaving Success Movement. 

See You in 2022!