Stash Busting Scarf: A Free Weave-Along

Learn to design and weave a beautiful 4 or 8-shaft scarf from your stash leftovers.​

Stuck at home?
Missing other weavers?
Unsure what to do with your stash?

Join us for this fun, free weave-along!

Coping with the stress of the shutdown through weaving, but stuck with a stash that you don’t know how to use?
Here’s the perfect solution for you.

Join color-in-weaving expert Tien Chiu and well-known weaving teacher Janet Dawson in a fun weave-along community as we help you solve the problems of dealing with stash projects. We’ll offer online lessons, free Q&A sessions, and the chance to join a supportive community of your fellow weavers, sharing your trials and triumphs. We’ll lead you through a 4 or 8-shaft scarf project that will teach you the basics of:

Working with mystery yarns

Mixing yarn textures, fibers, and thicknesses​

Designing with a jumble of colors

Share the fun with an online gathering of fellow weavers - all working on scarves as individual as each weaver’s stash and creativity can make it.

You May Have Seen Us In

Clear Up Your Stash Confusion

Work with Mystery Yarns

Learn how to use those mystery yarns, even if you're not sure what they are!

Choose and Use Colors

Uncover the secrets of choosing colors that won't mix into mud, and that look good together. Discover how to make your pattern show when using lots of colors.

Combine Different Yarns

Nervous about combining different kinds of yarn in a project? Find out how to make sure a variety of yarns will play well together on and off the loom.

Mix Yarn Sizes

Learn what happens when you combine thick and thin yarns in your warp and weft, and one way to handle the combination.

Meet Your Teachers

Hi! I’m Tien Chiu,

and I'm obsessed with color in weaving. I've dyed over 2,500 yarn samples, woven hundreds of handwoven swatches, and spent countless hours poring over color theory and weaving structure books in my quest to understand color in weaving. 

And I've succeeded at it. I've won countless awards for my work, my handwoven wedding dress is in the permanent collection of The Henry Ford Museum, and my Kodachrome Jacket was featured on the cover of Handwoven as one of the winners of the Garment Challenge. I've written almost thirty articles for Handwoven, Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot, Complex Weavers Journal, and WeaveZine.

I'm looking forward to teaching you how to create beautiful things out of the colorful yarn leftovers in your stash!

Hi! I’m Janet Dawson.

I’m a weaver AND a teacher. I’m a writer AND an editor. I’m good at math and patterns but also really good with words. The combination of all of these is my superpower: I not only get this stuff, I can explain it well, and write about it clearly.

Using my facility with words and my experience teaching thousands of students online (with rave reviews!) and in-person, I can help you feel confident that YOU CAN make educated, informed design choices that will produce good cloth because you understand what’s going on on your loom.

Why do I do this? Because I love making happy, confident weavers even more than I love weaving itself. Helping other people understand and enjoy all the parts of weaving – project planning and loom prep as well throwing the shuttle – is my favourite part of the whole business.

Free Lessons - Starting May 30th

Week 1 - Choosing Yarns and Planning Your Warp
Lessons released May 30th

Lesson 1 - Choosing Yarns - The Physical Part
Lesson 2 - Choosing Yarns - Colors
Lesson 3 - Choosing Yarns - A Nifty Color Tool
Lesson 4 - Identifying and Measuring Your Yarns
Lesson 5 - Determining Sett
Lesson 6 - Calculating Your Warp

Week 2 - Designing, Winding, and Putting Your Warp Onto the Loom - June 6

Lesson 1 - Designing Your Warp Colors
Lesson 2 - Experimenting With Warp Colors - ​Some Fun Color Play
Lesson 3 - Winding a Stash Warp
Lesson 4 - Dressing Your Loom with Mixed Warps

Week 3 - Weaving Your Scarf - June 13

Lesson 1 - Sampling - When and How
Lesson 2 - Tips and Troubleshooting
Lesson 3 - Finishing

Live demos and live Q&A sessions with Tien and Janet

Every Sunday at 12:30pm Pacific Time we'll do a live demo of that week's lessons!

And every Wednesday at 5pm Pacific Time we'll do a webinar to answer your questions LIVE!

A free online community for sharing your work with other weavers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the Weave-Along?

There are three weeks of lessons in the weave-along, but we want to give you plenty of time to finish! So you will be able to access everything until July 4, 2020 - six weeks after the Weave-Along begins.

Is there a charge for the Weave-Along?

Nope. You get everything in the Weave-Along entirely FREE for the six-week period that it runs. This is our gift to the weaving community.

We hope everyone has fun and learns a lot!

Do I have to weave the project to participate?

Nope! You can weave anything you like (or nothing at all). The lessons are geared towards weaving the scarf, but you'll learn a lot even if you don't.

So feel free to join us just for the lessons, or to cheer everyone else on! We'll be delighted to have you, however you choose to participate. 

What if I'm not great with computers?

You don't have to be! The materials can be accessed from any browser, and from a laptop or tablet (even a smartphone!). No special software is needed.

I'm not on Facebook. Can I still do the Weave-Along?

Yes! We'll be encouraging people to share their work in our Facebook group, because sharing your trials and triumphs with other weavers is half the fun, but the course materials and Q&A sessions are hosted on a different platform, so you can absolutely participate without a Facebook account. No problem!

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