Calling all weavers who’ve ever had their beautiful colors weave into mud

The secret to weaving with color isn’t about your level of creativity or having the right “intuition”...

It’s about understanding the systematic approach to how colors interact with one another.


Registration is currently closed. Please come back after November 21, 2020 if you would like to purchase Lifetime Access to the Weave Along.


Discover your “light bulb” moment with color in weaving.

In this free weave-along you’ll learn:

The fundamentals of designing beautiful cloth with a rule-set that finally makes sense

Why your colors mix into mud and the exact formula to solve the curse

How to choose colors correctly to make sure the pattern shows

The key to producing beautiful designs with simple stripes

Life-long color hacks in an enjoyable and relaxing online environment, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded weavers

And to make this weave-along the ultimate place to hang out over the next three weeks…

You will join a community of other passionate weavers and together weave a set of beautiful mug rugs!

This is the ultimate way to feel a sense of community, get inspired by other creations, and learn from all the different color combinations as they come to life each day.

You will walk away with the knowledge and understand that color is not too complicated nor confusing for you to tackle.

You’ll be amazed at what future creations are possible when you finally discover color!

Registration is currently closed. Please come back after November 21, 2020 if you would like to purchase Lifetime Access to the Weave Along.

You and Janet are amazing! What an incredible gift you are giving us with this structured class on color. I could have never figured it out on my own, with just trial and error.

Sarah Webster

You may have seen us in

What’s Inside the “Discover Color


You'll learn how to:

Pick a palette with the potential for gorgeous results

Mug rugs:
You’ll choose your colors (and order yarn if you need it).

Week 1

Oct. 24-30

You’ll walk away knowing...

Exactly how color mixing works in weaving

How to pick yarns that mix into bright or dull colors, just as you want

How to prevent your pattern from blurring into mud

Mug rugs:
You’ll choose the warp color and a draft, then warp the loom. You’ll experiment with color mixes in plain weave, and you’ll choose your tabby and pattern weft combinations.

Week 2

Oct. 31-Nov. 6

You’ll finish week two with...

An understanding of how the draft affects color mixing

Hands-on experience with color blending in weaving - two different ways!

Practice weaving with two shuttles and winding a doubled weft

Mug rugs:
You’ll discover the delightful Color Editor, which will make designing your mug rug a snap! You’ll also weave samples and mug rugs with solid color tabby and pattern wefts.

Week 3

Nov. 7-14

You’ll complete the weave-along and get clarity on...

Designing with stripes in tabby and pattern weft

Working with contrast and drama

Stripes and your draft

Mug rugs:
You’ll weave with weft stripes and will complete a set of beautiful mug rugs - perfect for a holiday gift...or even better to keep for yourself! 😉

Here’s How It Works:

This is a 3-week weave-along delivered via an online course, where you will have all the material to watch, pause, implement, and re-play.

You'll also receive this interactive support along the way:

Live Weekly Q&A Sessions

Bring any and every question forward as you move through the content  and get all roadblocks eliminated in real-time.

Live Weekly Demo Sessions

Join us for a weekly lecture/demo where Janet and Tien explain lessons and show how to work out real students' design dilemmas!

Online Community

Upon signing up, you’ll be welcomed into a online community of talented weavers. Share your journey, gain the support, and soak up the inspiration during this fun 21-day weave-along!

Registration is currently closed. Please come back after November 21, 2020 if you would like to purchase Lifetime Access to the Weave Along.


Meet Your Teachers - We’re thrilled you’re here!


The moment I discovered that color was based on science and not intuition…

(which took hundreds of swatches, months of continual trial and error, a scientific math degree, and a ridiculous amount of patience)

...was the exact moment it became my mission to share my findings with other technically-driven, knowledge-hungry weavers.

I've won countless awards for my work - my handwoven wedding dress is in the permanent collection of The Henry Ford Museum, my Kodachrome Jacket was featured as the Garment Challenge winner on the cover of Handwoven, and I've written over thirty articles for some of the most respected weaving magazines today. I've taught online courses for thousands of weavers.

But my most significant accomplishment to date?

Helping weavers like you feel more confident with color every single time you wind your warp. 

My promise is to deliver a SIMPLIFIED and FUN process for you to work through not only during this weave-along, but that you can implement for every future project here on out.


After enrolling over 8,000 students in my original floor loom course, students unanimously rave at my knack for breaking down and teaching complex ideas in a way that’s easy to understand and finally “clicks.” This mentality and thoughtfulness is exactly what you’ll receive during your Discover Color weave-along.

As a teacher for many conferences, guilds, and schools across the US and Canada - I can help you feel confident that YOU CAN make educated, informed design choices that will produce good cloth because you understand what’s going on on your loom.

Truthfully, I love to help mold happy, confident weavers - sometimes even more than I love weaving myself…and I’m pretty obsessed with weaving! But helping others like you understand and enjoy all parts of weaving – project planning, loom prep, as well throwing the shuttle – is my favorite part of the whole business. I can’t wait to meet you!

Wow! You two are the dynamic duo! It is amazing how you can pack so much information into one class. Your knowledge and willingness to share is inspirational. Thank you.

Julie Luntzel

Why Should You Join?

Weaving is the perfect solo hobby… But after hours (days! months!) alone at the loom, it can sometimes feel stagnant and lonely. And with social distancing in effect, it can feel even lonelier.

That’s why you’re invited to join a vibrant community of chatty, fun, and creative weavers to level up your passion, productivity, and possibilities!

Join a community of others who have the same zest for weaving and will help:

Inspire new projects

Bounce ideas around

Solve color and design roadblocks

Provide the ultimate sense of inclusion.

We had over 3,000 participants in our last Weave-Along - so come on in - the water’s warm! Between our super-active Facebook community and the live calls twice a week, it’s sure to jazz up your weaving routine!

We can’t wait to inundate you with exciting color knowledge that helps you see color in an entirely new way! 

Registration is currently closed. Please come back after November 21, 2020 if you would like to purchase Lifetime Access to the Weave Along. 

Thank you so much, Tien and Janet. This weave-along has been a blast and oh, the things I have learned. And sharing the journey with others has been inspirational and encouraging. What a treasure trove of creative juices flowing! 

Robin LaBar

You May Be Wondering…

What if I don’t have time to weave a project?

You don’t have to weave the mug rugs to join in on the fun! The core focus of this weave-along is to teach you about color and help you understand it like never before...The project helps cement your learning, but is in no way necessary to reap all the benefits of the weave-along.

What kind of loom do I need to participate?

    Any loom with 4 or more shafts will be great for the weave-along! 

    (You will need at least four shafts, though, so if you've got a rigid heddle loom, you're welcome to soak up the information about color, but you won't be able to weave the mug rugs.)

What if I have trouble picking out colors?

    No problem! While you're absolutely welcome to choose your own colors, we've partnered with Lunatic Fringe Yarns to offer three great kits for those who would rather work with a preselected palette. The kits are inexpensive, give a variety of colors, and provide plenty of excellent quality yarn to work with. You've got options!

What if I don’t have Facebook?

No problem - you don’t need to be on Facebook at all! All the vital course content, the live demos, and the Q&A’s are found in your online course dashboard and NOT on Facebook - so you won’t miss a beat with any of the teachings. Facebook is solely the platform used by some participants to share their work and connect with other students.

When does the weave-along start?

The weave-along starts October 24,2020. It ends November 14, 2020.

How long will I have access to the course material?

The Weave-Along finishes November 14. Access to the online classroom ends at midnight Pacific time on November 28th.

What if I don’t understand tech?

That’s okay! This online program has been organized to help serve all walks - especially for those who aren't tech-savvy. (One of the biggest differentiators that we continually hear about our courses is how well organized and easy to navigate they are!). 

Is this live or pre-recorded?

    You’ll get the best of both worlds - there are both live and pre-recorded aspects. 

  1. The educational course content is recorded, which allows you to watch on your own time, hit pause, re-watch, take a break, reheat your coffee, and then come back for more! 

  2. The demos and Q&A sessions are all LIVE - these help you get all your weaving questions answered in real-time. And if you can’t make the live sessions - they will all be recorded and added to your course dashboard!

Color is not fickle or variable. 

Color is not fickle or variable. 

In fact, color is constant and predictable once you understand its rules and tendencies.

We can’t wait to help you discover (and devour!)
color in weaving! 

Registration is currently closed.

Please come back after November 21, 2020 if you would like to purchase the Lifetime Access.