handwoven cloth - yellow and black - twill blocks

handwoven cloth – yellow and black – twill blocks

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  1. I love the twill blocks and have spent three straight days trying to duplicate it but no luck. There is wizardry here. It's a straight twill threading but i don't get how you inverted the colors. Mine mix on two diagonals, and don't flip front and back. Could you share the trick? I want to make a checkerboard on a rigid heddle with 2 or 3 heddles and I think it's doable. Do you invert the heddle sequence? ( 1 -> 32 , 2-> 13, 3-> 12? or is there another harness involved? Is it doubleweave? Taquete?

    1. Hi Alice,

      It is an eight-shaft design so you would (in theory) need seven heddles to do it! In practice I think would have to be pick-up.

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