You can make radical changes to the colors of your handwoven fabric with just minor changes in the tie-up…especially with color gradients! Here’s how to do it.


Curved gradients , though rarely seen in handwoven fabric, are fascinating because they create the illusion of a three-dimensional fabric. In this post, you’ll learn all about them.


Color gradients are not only beautiful, but simple to design and don’t require a ton of shafts to produce. In fact, you can create beautiful color gradients on just two shafts (or on a rigid heddle loom)!

Learn the different kinds of color gradients and enjoy lots of eye candy. Plus, a description of upcoming gradients classes!


It happens a LOT. You go to a yarn shop or knitting conference, and you encounter those magical walls of luscious hand-dyed knitting yarns. Next thing you know, you’ve got a bag full of multicolored skeins.

But they pose some serious color challenges. In this post, I talk about what they are and how you can conquer them.


Carol was a student in our 2020 Stash Weaving Success class. She’s been weaving since 2007, when she inherited my mother’s loom, and makes it her personal goal to gain new knowledge with each project.

She wove the beautiful scarf below in our Stash Weaving Success class. Here is her story.